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Stay Light Yoga Mat

Stay Light Yoga Mat

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Lean into the lightness of being.

Following the footsteps of our well-loved Trust The Journey mat, the latest addition to our Mantra series is the Stay Light mat. Extra baggage in any journey tends to cost us more in the long run. Moving forward in this decade, let's carry with us only what we need and leave behind the heaviness that no longer serves us.

Our everyday mats make wonderful companion and cushion for your daily flow.

Product Details

Length x Width: 180cm x 60cm

Base: Natural Rubber
Surface: Microfibre Suede

Manufactured in China

Clean & Care Guide

Basic Cleanse

We recommend using our very own Mat Refresh Spray for your regular post-session cleanse. Mist generously onto your yoga mat surface and pat down or let it air-dry.


Keep your mat rolled in a dry and cool room. This helps maintain its shape and durability. Do not leave your yoga mat exposed to heat. Avoid folding as this will spoil the form of any yoga mat.

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