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Karya Mats Care & Clean Guide


Our yoga mats are made of natural rubber base sourced from South East Asia, and microfibre suede surface printed with non-toxic, water-based inks.


Use a lightly damp cloth to wipe down sweat and dirt after every practice. For spot cleansing or stain removal, you can add a dash of gentle laundry detergent to the mix and rinse again with a clean, damp cloth.


If your mat is wet from deep cleansing, wring the access water off and let it air-dry in a well-ventilated space. You may also hang it outside for some natural warmth and sunlight, but please be mindful of not leaving it too long in direct heat.


Keep your mat rolled in a dry and cool room, or double it as decor by laying it flat on the floor. This helps maintain its shape and sturdiness in the long run.


Frequently Asked Questions

My mat smells rubbery. How do I make it go away?

As with all natural rubber-based products, the odor will diminish after unboxing and letting your mat air out for a day. You can also use a fabric freshener spray as long as it is free of oils and bleach.

My mat feels slippery. What do I do to improve the grip?

Before starting your practice, lightly spray water on the mat surface as well as your hands and feet. This will help increase the grip especially if you have naturally dry hands and feet. In fact the more you sweat, the nicer the grip is!

Is there latex in your mats?

Our mats have been tested post-manufacturing be latex-free. If you are allergic to latex, we advise caution with all rubber-based products.

Why choose our yoga mats?

Karya Mats are solid, stylish, and sustainable. We do our best to make sure what we make is useful, beautiful, and mindful. We continually work on improving our products and practices to better your Karyaful experience and reduce our collective environmental footprint.