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FAQ + Care Guide

Care Guide

How do I clean my mat?

Our mats have an easy to clean, moist-tolerant, non-slip smooth surface. For daily use, you can simply wipe down your mat with damp cloth or soft wipes after each practice. Please do not use oils on the surface.

Can I put my mat in a washing machine?

You may machine-wash your mat on its own with bleach-free detergent on gentle cycle in cold water. When it's done wrap your mat in a towel and squeeze out excess water. Hang to dry in a warm area, preferably not under direct sunlight for too long. Do not bleach and do not put in dryer.

My mat smells very rubbery. How do I make it go away?

As with all natural rubber-based products, this is a common and minor issue. The odor will diminish after unboxing the mat and letting it air out for a day. You can also lightly spray odor-away products as long as it is free of oils and bleach. Put your mat to use often and the distinctive "new rubber product" smell will go away in due time.

My mat feels slippery. What do I do to improve the grip?

If you have dry hands and feet, you might feel that the surface is a little slippery, especially if you have just made the switch this type of mat. Fret not! Before starting your practice, lightly spray water on the mat surface as well as your hands/feet. This will help increase the grip, as will your sweatiness as you go along your practice. The more you practice on the mat, the better the grip will get!

Product Specifications

What materials do you use in your mats?

Our mats are produced with high-quality natural rubber with a microfibre suede surface which is non-slippery and ultra-absorbent. Free from plastic, phthalates, silicone, toxic glue and ink, our mats are durable, comfortable, and of course, environmentally friendly.

Is there latex in your mats?

We have tested our mats post-manufacturing to be latex-free. However if you are allergic to latex, we advise caution with all rubber-based products.

Why choose our natural rubber mats over other materials?

For starters, our mats are solid, stylish, and sustainable. Here is a brief overview of other benefits of natural rubber mats:

  • ideal for pilates and yoga practices especially bikram yoga and hot yoga
  • the more you sweat, the nicer the grip of the surface is, so let it all out
  • eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable natural rubber base
  • free from harmful plastic, silicone, toxic glue and phthalates
  • surface designs are printed with water-based inks

We continually improve our products and practices to better your karya mats experience and reduce our collective environmental footprint.