Yoga Mats

How do I clean and care for my Karyaful Yoga Mats?

Basic Cleanse

We recommend using our very own Mat Refresh Spray for your regular post-session cleanse. Mist generously onto your yoga mat surface and pat down or let it air-dry.

Deep Cleanse

Use the Mat Refresh Spray on both sides of your yoga mat as a pre-cleanse and wipe it down. You may use a bleach-free fabric detergent to wash your mat and rinse as usual.

Spot Cleanse

Pour a small dash of Mat Refresh Spray onto a cleaning cloth and scrub the target area. Add in a spot of detergent to remove any remaining stain if necessary, and finally wipe again with a clean wet cloth. We recommend this for oily spots on your yoga mat.


Wring access water off and let your yoga mat air-dry in a well-ventilated space. You may also dry it outdoors, but do be mindful of not leaving it out for long under direct heat.


Keep your mat rolled in a dry and cool room, or double it as decor by laying it flat on the floor. This helps maintain its shape and durability. Do not leave your yoga mat exposed to heat or keep it folded for a long time as this will spoil the form of any yoga mat.

My yoga mat still feels slippery. What can I do improve the grip?

We get this question often among customers transitioning from plastic-based to rubber-based yoga mats with printed surfaces, e.g., our Everyday and Travelite Yoga Mats.

We recommend lightly spraying some water on the absorbent microfibre suede surface. This will better the feeling of grip especially if you have dry hands and feet.

My yoga mat smells rubbery. How do I make it go away?

We recommend airing out your brand new yoga mat overnight before the first use. The odor will diminish significantly with regular usage as with most rubber-based products.

You can also mist our Mat Refresh Spray to deodorize your yoga mat upon unboxing. Alternately, many household-ready bleach-free fabric fresheners would also do the trick.

Is there PVC or latex in Karyaful yoga mats?

No. If you are allergic to latex, we advise caution with all rubber-based products.

Where are Karyaful yoga mats produced?

Our yoga mats are designed in Malaysia and manufactured in China. We use non-Amazon harvested rubber as the base material for our yoga mats, sourced from Vietnam.

Are Karyaful yoga mats non-slip?

Yes, our printed yoga mats are made with a microfibre suede surface which is a non-slip, towel-like, moist-absorbent material. If you are looking for a stronger grip during high-intensity exercises, check out our Pro-Fit Yoga Mat series with a textured PU surface.


Mat Refresh Spray

When is the expiry for my spray?

Please check the sticker on the bottom side of your bottle. In case it is missing, drop us a message and we will check the batch info for you. As our spray is formulated locally and bottled in-house, we typically recommend for it to be used within 6 months of purchase.

Does this product contain any alcohol?

Yes, the alcohol in our spray is <20% which is safe to use on our yoga mats, as well as most fabric surfaces. This helps to quickly deodorize and effectively disinfect your mats.

Does this product contain essential oil?

We do not infuse essential oils as to keep it pet-safe especially for indoor use.



How are your products mindful?

Everything we have in this store is designed with your joy, leisure, and well-being in mind. Our collections are considered with eco-stylish, earth-friendly factors such as: crafted by hand, getting sourced ethically, or made with recycled or recyclable materials.

We also create in smaller batches to streamline our inventory cycles, ensure the quality of what you get, and ultimately reduce long-term consumer waste. From time to time we will have certain items that are customizable and made-to-order, and a more sustainable production may take a longer time.

Is Karyaful a plastic-free company?

While we are not a completely plastic-free brand, we focus on being low-waste and long-lasting. We highlight sustainability and slow living practices in all our collections. Our in-house plastic usage is mostly limited to necessities for shipping and packaging.