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Frequently Asked Questions


Are your products environmentally friendly? 

Yes. We design our collections first with the idea that the materials have to have some combination of these traits: naturally sourced, plastic-free, non-toxic, recycled/recyclable, biodegradable, and kind to the planet. 

We also make our items in smaller orders and we don't mass-manufacture our collections in one-go so our production plus restocking may take a longer time. 

Are you a 100% plastic-free company?

While we are not completely plastic-free yet, we limit its use to a strictly small amount, necessary for packaging and shipping only. We prioritize not incorporating PVC and other plastics in our products. We remain low-waste and recycle our materials whenever possible.

What do you mean by "eco-stylish"?

It simply means that whatever you get from us is hopefully, first and foremost, mindful of Mother Earth while still being beautiful, thoughtful, and useful.

Your brand is mindful, but what about your operations? Do you treat/pay your workers fairly?

Yes, we believe we are quite consistent across the board. We are a small independent business where most things outside of manufacturing are done in-house, from branding to customer service to warehousing. We are based from our home studio and currently we are only a team of two with no other employees.


Yoga Mats

Why choose our yoga mats?

Our yoga mats, previously known as Karya Mats, are solid, stylish, and sustainable. Made with natural rubber base, our yoga mats are free of PVC and non-toxic to the environment. For the surface, we use microfibre suede fabric with water-based ink printing. 

Are your yoga mats made in Malaysia?

Our yoga mats are designed in Malaysia but manufactured and printed in Taiwan. We use non-Amazon harvested natural rubber as the base of our mats, sourced from Vietnam. We are currently exploring the possibilities of yoga mat production in Malaysia. However it will take some time as there are no local factories specializing in yoga mats and accessories.

Are your yoga mats non-slip?

Yes. The surface is non-slip and absorbent, more closely similar to a yoga towel than the surface of a PVC or foam yoga mat. It is also great for more sweaty practices, like hot yoga and power yoga. Meanwhile the textured rubber base stays solidly on the floor and does not move as you do, since it is textured and has a bit of weight to it.

Is there latex in your mats?

Post-manufacturing our mats have been tested to be latex-free. However if you are allergic to latex, we advise caution with all rubber-based products.

My mat smells rubbery. How do I make it go away?

As with all natural rubber-based products, the odor will diminish after unboxing and letting your mat air out for a day. You can also use a fabric freshener spray as long as it is free of oils and bleach.

My mat feels slippery. What do I do to improve the grip?

Before starting your practice, lightly spray water on the mat surface as well as your hands and feet. This will help increase the grip especially if you have naturally dry hands and feet. In fact the more you sweat, the nicer the grip is!


Mat Refresh Spray

Does your spray contain alcohol?

Yes. The amount of alcohol in our mat spray is less than 20%. This helps the spray to effectively deodorize and disinfect your yoga mat post-workout and pre-cleanse.

Does your spray contain essential oil?

No. We do not infuse essential oils into our mat spray. Instead, we use fragrance oil for the scent.