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Karyaful Clean & Care Guide

Yoga Mats


Our yoga mats are made of natural rubber base sourced from South East Asia, and microfibre suede fabric surface printed with non-toxic, water-based inks.

Recommended Product: Karyaful Mat Refresh Spray

For your regular post-sweat cleanse, we recommend using our very own Mat Refresh Spray. Spray it sparsely onto your yoga mat surface and pat down to dry with a towel. We recommend doing this at least every couple of days for light-to-regular practice.

For deep cleansing, use the Mat Refresh Spray on both sides of your yoga mat as a pre-cleanse and wipe it down. Afterwards, you may use a bleach-free fabric detergent or soap to wash your mat and rinse as usual.

For spot cleansing, squirt a small dash of Mat Refresh Spray onto the target area. Scrub gently with a wet cloth to get any dirt or stain out, add a bit of soap if necessary, and finally wipe the spot again with another clean wet cloth. We also recommend this for particularly sweaty or oily spots on your yoga mat.


Wring any access water off your yoga mat and let it air-dry in a well-ventilated space. You may also hang it outside for some natural warmth and sunlight, but please be mindful of not leaving it out for too long or in direct heat.


Keep your mat rolled in a dry and cool room, or double it as decor by laying it flat on the floor. This helps maintain its shape, sturdiness, and durability. Do not leave it exposed to heat and do not keep it folded or pressed for a long time as this will spoil any yoga mat.