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[SET] Mat Refresh Spray Duo (2 x 250ml)

RM129.00 RM99.00

Like a dream spa day in the Nusantara, our Pandan & Serai Spray Set revitalises your yoga mat post-practice. Mix and match the scent combination to your preference. 🌺

Keep your yoga mat clean and cool with our Mat Refresh Spray, now with an improved formula and spa aroma: PANDAN (Screwpine) and SERAI (Lemongrass). For ease of use, travel, and storage, we have also upsized and upgraded our spray packaging to a reusable aluminium bottle (250ml) with a lock-and-handle fine mist spray head.

Mist generously onto the practicing surface of your yoga mat to disinfect and deodorize after every practice. Feel free to either let the liquid air-dry on your mat after a light session, or wipe it down with a lightly damp cloth for when you require a more thorough cleansing.

Made in Malaysia. For surface use only. Not tested on animals. Batch expiry: August 2023
Ingredient list: Aqua, Isopropyl Alcohol (<20%), Non-Ionic Surfactant, Citrate Salt, Fragrance.